New dinosaurs, Spinosaurus, T Rex and Deinonychus

Spinosaurus and T Rex Greeting Cards © Nicola L Robinson | Teeth and Claws

As those who know me and my work will be aware I love drawing creatures with a bit of a monstrous flair to them, and dinosaurs have always been high on my list, particularly the predatory meat eating ones! I am not a paleo artist, but like to draw with a reasonable amount of detail and consideration of the known science (to a point...)  I have recently had chance to draw some new dinosaurs to expand my dino range at Teeth and Claws, which are currently available as greeting cards and signed art prints.

Let me introduce the newest additions! Spinosaurus, T rex (of course) and Deinonychus.

Spinosaurus has been on my radar for some time, with it's massive crocodilian head and jaws and overall size (up to 14 meters long!) it was clearly an absolutely magnificent beast with it's distinct sail like protrusions along it's spine. I've tried to keep some of the crocodile vibe with my impression and bumpy scaled skin. Note the impressive large clawed forearms, much stronger armed than T rex!

Spinosaurus Dinosaur Greeting Card © Nicola L Robinson  | Teeth and Claws

Spinosaurus is available as a monstrous greeting card and matching art print

Tyrannosaurus Rex has always been a favourite for obvious reasons and I have drawn a few of these over the years! But recent data has thrown up new and significant tweaks to the classic T Rex namely the discovery of feathers on tyrannosaurs. With this is mind my new T rex has a dusting of black 'feathers' across his or her shoulders and back and on top of the skull, giving a distinct hair style... :) and some vertical stripes as a visual warning that this is a top predator (as if the teeth weren't enough of a clue)

T Rex Dinosaur Greeting Card © Nicola L Robinson  | Teeth and Claws

T rex is available as a striking greeting card and matching art print

Deinonychus is another more recent favourite, not as large as Spinosaurus or T rex but by all accounts a fearsome and well designed predator. It seems they would hunt in packs, so I have drawn a trio of them, prowling together. Three hungry dinosaurs are more terrifying than one...

Deinonychus Dinosaur Greeting Card © Nicola L Robinson  | Teeth and Claws

Deinonychus is available as a quirky greeting card and coordinating art print

Deinonychus (whose name means 'Terrible Claw' and refers to the large talon on the back foot) was used as the original inspiration for the fan favourite 'Velocirapter' made famous by the Jurassic Park films. As far as I am aware Velocirapter was actually a great deal smaller than depicted and again would likely have been covered in significant feathers. My Deinonychus trio also have rather striking if retro looking heads of feathered hair along their spines and outer feathered arms/wings.

Drawing these chaps reminded me that I had a toy Deinonychus back in the 80's, after winning a colouring competition for 'Dino riders'... I removed the little man (rider) and his seat and just played with the dinosaur. You could press a button on his back and the legs would move... very high tech.

More dinosaurs to follow...




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