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Welcome to my shop! Here you will find my range of beautifully designed and illustrated gifts and homewares featuring my unique pen and ink illustrated dragons, cats, ravens, crows and Gothic bats, as well as some other characterful beings...

Teeth and Claws is entirely created and managed by me, Nicola L Robinson, I'm an artist based in Nottingham UK. I have worked professionally as an artist and illustrator for many years, across a variety of fields including children’s publishing, pop up books, editorial and non fiction. I've always loved drawing since being a small child, my favourite things to draw then and often now have been things like dragons, crocodiles, monsters and other animals... things with teeth and claws, which inspired the name! As well as other beings too, insects and more aquatic creatures as well as botanical subjects.

I love detail and texture of fur, feathers and scales. This leads me to working in old fashioned pen and ink on paper. I hand draw all my artwork here in my studio before painting in colour, using both traditional watercolour and inks and digital colour depending on project, but I always aim to create work with character and personality. I take great care of all aspects of my Teeth and Claws range, from designing and hand illustrating my products through to manufacturing and quality control and finally meticulously packing and posting my creations to their new homes. 

I work with a very select group of British manufacturers to produce my products in small quantities. Everything is made here in the UK using sustainable materials wherever possible, including organic cotton for my tea towel range and recycled paper for my notebooks.

My priority with Teeth and Claws is creating the highest quality products with my unique illustrated designs for folks who like things a little bit different and quirky, monstrous even, but also practical and useful too.

Thank you very much for visiting my shop...

Nicola L Robinson


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You can contact Nicola at Teeth and Claws by email - hello@teethandclaws.co.uk

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