Dragon Mugs - New dragon gifts now in stock.

Dragon Mugs are finally here! I'm very excited to share my new Dragon mugs with you! If you follow me on Instagram or my Facebook page you'll have already seen some photos of them. They've been in the works for a few months and I'm absolutely thrilled with how they have turned out...

Dragon Mugs. Dragon gifts UK by Nicola L Robinson www.teethandclaws.co.uk English Fine Bone China Dragon Mugs now in stock

Dragons are the backbone here at Teeth and Claws, they feature on a lot of my greeting cards, and I have a growing range of dragon art prints and more recently dragon coasters too! As an artist and creator I've been really keen to see my dragons on products and surfaces particularly three dimensional ones, mugs were a natural choice. I've always loved ceramics, and after a trip to the USA at the end of last year and spending a lot of time looking at the beautiful ceramics on display in the art galleries in Washington DC I decided it was time to get serious about making my own dragon mugs. As much as I would love to learn a new craft and make my own mugs and pots from scratch for my dragons to live on I have draw a line somewhere!

Dragon Mugs Dragon Gifts UK by Nicola L Robinson www.teethandclaws.co.uk Dragon Mother Mug Baby Dragon Mug

I contacted a lot of manufacturers for quotes and even researched getting my own kit to make them in house but it became clear that I really wanted something a bit more bespoke. So I got in touch with a manufacturer in Stoke on Trent, who were keen to help me create my dragon mugs and offered the high quality of production I've been looking for. I visited their premises in the heart of the historic Potteries and saw firsthand the artistry in their manufacturing process, from the super detailed multi coloured screen printed artwork through to the talented team of skilled crafts people who decorate the mugs by hand, and also the fiery kilns and all the beautiful English Fine Bone China. I left absolutely inspired and I spent a lot of time tinkering with designs to get my dragons off flat paper and wrapped around (and sometimes inside) beautiful fine bone china mugs. I absolutely love the finished mugs, they really are very special.

Dragon Mug Dragon Gifts UK by Nicola L Robinson www.teethandclaws.co.uk English Fine Bone China Dragon Mugs

Due to the handmade process each one of my mugs is unique, my signature bats also inhabit the mugs flying around inside the rim and dotted around elsewhere too. I also have a beautiful gothic bat mug too...

Bat Mug. Gothic Bat gifts UK by Nicola L Robinson www.teethandclaws.co.uk English Fine Bone China, Unique Gift.

My dragon mugs are available now directly from me in my Teeth and Claws shop-

Dragon Mugs in Teeth and Claws

and also my Etsy shop too.

Dragon gifts for dragon fans of all ages. Visit my shop to see them all.

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