Dragon Tea Towels! Organic Cotton, Made in the UK.

I'm very excited to finally add some organic cotton dragon tea towels to my Teeth and Claws range! These have been a long time in the making... I have wanted to put my designs on textiles for some time but have spent a long while working out how best to do this. I needed to keep the detail of my pen and ink artwork and also create a practical product. It was also very important for me to use organic cotton for my tea towels and as with all my products have them made here in the UK in small quantities.

Dragon tea towels available directly from me here

I know digital fabric printing is a wonderful option but I really prefer the finish and craft involved with screen printing. (I did screen printing many years ago as part of my Art A -Level on old temperamental wooden screens which were prone to misalignment! fortunately the screen printing technology has also improved vastly since this time.) After many sketches and lots of dragons I was able to adapt my artwork for screen print, and am really pleased with the results. I've gone with vibrant fiery red dragons here with my black pen and ink line work, which makes for a rather striking tea towel!

Organic Cotton Red Dragon Tea Towels © Nicola L Robinson | Teeth and Claws

My red dragons are all over my tea towels, looking at each other and sticking out their tongues, a would make a lovely addition to any dragon lovers home, as a gift for the alternative kitchen or chef, perfect to add some quirky dragon style to your kitchen.

One of my tea towels hanging up in my own kitchen... my house is full of dragons, haha :)

Organic Cotton Red Dragon Tea Towels © Nicola L Robinson | Teeth and Claws

My dragon tea towels are available now, directly from me in my Teeth and Claws shop-

Red Dragon Tea Towels

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